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1928 Triangle Tours brochure

Triangle Tours 1928

1928 Triangle Tours

Today I’m featuring a 1928 4-panel Triangle Tours brochure.  The Victoria tourism market was — and still is — highly competitive and so companies fought tooth and nail for business. All potential punters arrived by steamer and Triangle Tours took advantage of the famous Triangle route between Victoria, Vancouver and Seattle. Many visitors only had a brief layover and so all companies offered a city tour that guaranteed to have you back in time for your outgoing journey.

Similar to Veteran’s Tours, Triangle Tours offered several itineraries including a deluxe city, mountain and sea tour that included a drive over the Malahat, a ferry ride across Saanich Inlet and a visit to both Butchart Gardens and the Dominon Observatory.

By 1928 Triangle Tours was operated by C&C Taxi Service.  In the mid-1940’s C&C launched White Line Tours although I’m not clear if this was a new venture or a rebranding of Triangle Tours.  When the Victoria airport opened in the early 1940’s C&C won the bus contract and expanded their fleet.  C&C Taxi is still in business today as Bluebird Cabs.

For more scans of this brochure check out my 1928 Triangle Tours set on Flickr.

Veterans’ Tours & Sightseeing

Veterans Sightseeing & Transportation Business Card

Angus E Chilton's business card

Many soldiers returning to Canada after the First World War had very little time to re-adjust to civilian life.  Some returned to family farms or former employers while others chose to start their own business.

The 1921 Victoria City Directory reveals that more than a few put their Veteran status to good use.  This included the Veteran Auto Painting Works, Veteran Electric Co., Veteran Plumbing Co., Veterans New and Second-hand Store, Veterans Painting Co., Veterans Products Co. Ltd. and the Veterans Sightseeing & Transportation Co. Ltd..

Veterans Sightseeing & Transportation opened for business at 740 Yates Street in 1921, under the management of C M Roberts. By 1922, a former motor driver and veteran, Angus Everet Chilton was managing the business and it is his card that I’m featuring here.

Veterans Tours

Veterans' Tours brochure

By 1923 they had moved their office one door down to 742 Yates Street and were under the management of H L Sangster, who would run the business for more than 20 years.

The brochure featured here dates from 1925 or 1926 and promotes the company’s many special excursions. In addition to a 2-hour city tour they offered The Famous Land and Water Trip that included a drive over the Malahat Mountain, a ride on the Mill Bay Ferry and a visit to both Butchart Gardens and the Dominion Observatory.

In 1928 a second company, Blue Line Tours was opened and managed by Sangster until 1946 when Blue Line Transit (as it was by then known) was acquired by BCER.

For more scans of both items check out my Veteran’s Sightseeing & Transportation set on Flickr.

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