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Aberdeen & Penrhyn Bay Trams

Aberdeen Car 129 at Castle Street

Aberdeen Car 129 at Castle Street

I picked up some wonderful photographs of British trams this weekend, two of which I’m featuring in this post.  The photos were captured by tram and bus enthusiasts in the 1930’s, 40’s and early 50’s.  Most are of excellent quality and include handwritten details on the back.

The first photograph is of Aberdeen Corporation car #129 at the Castle Street terminus.  This picture was taken on September 5, 1935 by E.C. Haywood from Carlton, Nottingham.  On the back he noted that the car had air brakes and S.K.F. roller bearings, and that route #4 ran from Castle Street to Hazlehead via Queen’s Road.  This Streetview image shows how the turning circle is today a pedestrian area.

Llandudno car 12 at Penrhyn Bay

Llandudno car 12 at Penrhyn Bay

The second photo is of Llandudno & Colwyn Bay Electric Railway car #12 picking up a passenger along Penrhyn Bay.  Shot by E.C. Haywood on May 31, 1946 he wrote the following details on the back:

Showing the eastbound track out of use for about 1/3 of a mile, as it had been since the storm (which affected the whole of the N. Wales coast) the previous autumn. Rocks and stones cover this track lower down. Compare with photograph (A) and note how much nearer the bank-edge is now, and also the rearrangement of the overhead lines.

This Streetview image reveals that the home in the background with the unique arch detail is not only still standing but remains unobstructed.

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