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Homesteading circa 1900

Homestead 1

A family poses in front of their homestead

I picked up a pair of very intriguing b&w real photo postcards today.  Both show a small family posing for the camera, one in front of what appears to be a turn of the century homestead and the other around a small stream.  Although there are no clues as to the location my instincts tell me it could be somewhere in the BC interior, or possibly in the foothills of Alberta.

The odd thing (to me at least) is that the reverse of the postcard features a stamp box with the words “Half-Penny Stamp for Inland, One Penny Foreign” which would imply that the postcard is British.  The statement “The address only to be written on this side” dates the card to before 1902.  Could the photos have been taken in Canada and then developed and printed as postcards when the photographer returned to the UK?

Homestead 3

There's snow in them thar hills!

There is a chance the cards could be Australian but the presence of snow in the hills on the second postcard would seem to indicate the photo was taken in Canada (not to mention the fact that the card was found in BC).  If anyone has a theory on these postcards I would certainly appreciate it if you could leave a comment.

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