Yellow Rose Tours

Yellow Rose Tours brochure from the early 1920's

I’ve enjoyed collecting many different items over the years and while the subjects may vary the items often qualify as ephemera, i.e. vintage odds and ends of a transient nature that were often made of paper.  I find these little scraps of history very intriguing, whether they be brochures, postcards, maps, tickets, guidebooks, etc.. The item itself may be visually striking or contain an interesting bit of historical information, however what I find even more intriguing is the story behind the person who owned it.  This information may not be known but it’s almost as much fun speculating on who had purchased the ticket, checked into the hotel featured in a brochure or used the map to navigate through a new city.

I’m also including letters under this category although strictly speaking they may not qualify as ephemera as the recipient often wouldn’t throw them away.  Most of my letters were written by Canadian soldiers during the First World War and include correspondence sent from camps in Canada and Britain as well as from the trenches of France and Flanders.  I find these letters fascinating and sometimes quite moving.  I’ve already published quite a few of them on my tribute website On Active Service.

Here’s a list of all the Ephemera featured on this blog.


One thought on “Ephemera

  1. Just found you via the Ephemera Network. You posted a comment in the Billheads group, and I’m notified when someone comments. I’m following, now that I found you.

    I have an interest in finding some Canadian paper, primarily because I think I can develop a market for my “enhanced” old paper, and would like to talk to you via email if possible.

    I like your eye for advertising art.

    Posted by Dave Dubé | January 14, 2012, 4:22 am

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