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A Soldier of the Great War

An Unknown Soldier

A weary looking Sergeant of the Great War

One of the unfortunate consequences of searching for vintage photographs is the discovery of hundreds, if not thousands, of images of someone’s forgotten relatives.

It’s particularly sad to see a soldier’s photograph, knowing that nearly a century ago they held pride of place in homes across the country. If I’m fortunate enough to find a name or number I do my best to keep their memory alive by publishing their story online. Unfortunately sometimes there is no information to follow up.

I can’t afford to buy all of the photographs of unknown soldiers but I do rescue as many as I can.  I’ve created a photo set on Flickr as a tribute to, as tens of thousands of headstones so eloquently state, “A Soldier of the Great War, Known unto God“.

The postcard featured here is of a British [Edit: Private with a Horse Artillery Unit] with two wound stripes on his left forearm. This dates the postcard to 1916 or later. He looks tired and in need of that cigarette.


2 thoughts on “A Soldier of the Great War

  1. This soldier is not a Sergeant. The stripes on his lower right sleeve = Overseas Service Chevrons on the right cuff – one for each year served. He is a Private with a Horse Artillery Unit.

    Posted by Norm | August 3, 2014, 2:10 am
    • Hi Norm … thanks for your comments. You are of course quite right. I should probably revisit all of the WW1-related posts on this old blog and look for any other rookie mistakes I may have made. Thanks again.

      Posted by Jakealoo | August 3, 2014, 9:23 am

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