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Snowy Weymouth

Cove Row in Weymouth

Snowy Cove Row in Weymouth

A light dusting of snow blankets Cove Row in the seaside town of Weymouth in Dorset.  I never tire of looking at images like this, in fact I wish I could step right into the photograph and take a spin around the cobbled streets and breathe in the fresh salt air.  A tour of the decks onboard ship wouldn’t go amiss either.

Although labeled like a postcard the back of this photograph is completely blank. This is one of three atmospheric photographs of Weymouth I have and although none are dated I assume from the clothing being worn that they are from the 1930’s or possibly early 1940’s.

The cold sleepy streets in this photograph are in stark contrast to the sunny summer scene captured in the Google Streetview on Historypin.  Nevertheless the buildings have changed very little and The New Rooms Inn still stands in the foreground, even if it is a cafe today.


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