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Downtown Fort MacLeod

Fort MacLeod, Alberta

24th Street, Fort MacLeod, AB

This is a very nice late 1940’s real photo postcard showing downtown Fort MacLeod in Alberta. The postcard credits the photograph to “Kingston” but the card was published by Rumsey & Co. Ltd in Toronto.

It’s been over 60 years since this photograph was taken but as you’ll see by the Streetview image on Historypin the street-scape is remarkably intact. The Queen’s Hotel still stands on one corner and the Rexall Pharmacy across the street is still there too, although it has moved a few doors down. The Canadian Bank of Commerce that dominated the other corner is close by too. Just spin the Streetview image around and you’ll see the bank is now housed in a smaller building just across the street.  Perhaps most impressive of all is the fact that the Empress Theatre, despite all the changes to cinemas over the years, can still be found down the street on the left.  Check out this century old theatre’s website (complete with soundtrack)!


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