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Taking Tea in Kirkland, Fife

Peter family at Kirkland 1899

The Peter family taking tea at Kirkland in 1899

This photograph, mounted on card, is inscribed Mrs Peter & Family, Kirkland, Sep 6 1899 and includes the intriguing footnote “a little scorched by the fire“. Although I was unable to uncover anything about the fire I was able to learn quite a bit about the family and home featured in the photo.

This is one of two photos I have from the Peter estate, a family who emigrated from Scotland to North America in the late 19th century. My knowledge was limited until Google, yet again, unearthed a wealth of information, this time on a website created by David Morris in South Africa. From information written on the back of the second photo I was able to confirm that this was the same family referenced on this website.

Henry Thomas (Tom) Peter was born in Wemyss, Fife in 1825 and into a prominent family of mill owners.  He and his brothers were said to be exceptional golfers and curlers (his father founded the Innerlevan Golf Club). Tom married Marianne Anderson in 1854, raised a family of 6 children, emigrated to the US in 1880 and then to Victoria, BC in 1890.  Marianne died in 1892 and Henry Thomas in 1899. Both are buried in the St. Luke’s Anglican churchyard in Victoria (note: the obituaries are courtesy of: The British Colonist Online 1858-1910).

I have no way of knowing which members of the Peter family are in this photograph although I suspect the older lady may be the matriarch Elizabeth Peter (nee Souter) who died in 1912 at Kirkland House and was referred to in the papers as “Mrs Peter”.

Kirkland House was built in the early 19th century and according to the article written by David Morris it was occupied by the family until 1931.  It was demolished in 1940 however I was able to find its location using the National Library of Scotland‘s excellent historical Ordnance Survey Maps.  Using this map in conjunction with Google Maps I was able to pinpoint the former location of Kirkland House and pin it to Historypin.


3 thoughts on “Taking Tea in Kirkland, Fife

  1. Just stumbled upon your blog and was interested to read about the Peter family. I am a member of St. Luke’s Church and I wondered if you have a photo of the Peter gravestone?
    I conduct tours of the graveyard and wondered if you live in Victoria and if you would be interested in talking about your ancestors in a cemetery tour in Sept 2016. Please contact me at
    Thanks, Pam

    Posted by Pam Gaudio | March 16, 2016, 7:56 am
    • My grandmother, EMMA TANDY PETER, daughter of Henry Thomas Peter and Marianne (Anderson)Peter, born
      April,4,1867, married Richard Henry HAMPTON, Victoria, BC. And sister to Dora,Cordova Bay, Victoria and Isa of
      Bella Coola. My Mother, Constance Isabell (Hampton) Allin, Nov 6,1909 is the youngest of Emma’s 8 children. Am Lynn Grimmer, of Abbotsford, BC, Canada. please know I have much family history photos, sent from Leven to Emma, and her Canadian extended family, including pictures of Kirkland House. Emma’s daughter, Blanche,
      (Marianne) was family ‘historian’ with no heirs, so I have been given the collectio. Just yesterday, I have tried to
      Make contact, including LAMA, as my grandson, Luc, sent me 4 pages of info including minutes of the founding,
      With HENRY TANDY PETER as president. Fortunately, I do have info from Ancestry . Com
      I am very excited to have found your contact, but alas, I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to contact anyone, including LAMA contact form, or collecting, all rejected. so, with ‘GREAT EXPECTATIONS’, I am, Lynn, and I am Hopeful, Bye for now

      Posted by Lynn Grimmer, Abbotsford, BC. Tel 604 556-7101 | June 24, 2016, 8:29 am
      • Hello to JAKEALOO, Steven Clifford and Peter Solhjell, Bella Coola Museum re Taking Tea in Kirkland, Fife, and
        Dora and Isa’s letters. Yes, I do have photos of Isa Grant and her family with other family members and her 100th
        Birthay, and newspaper story of same. Dora married David Christopher, daughter Jessie, she was Aunt Dot to Emma’s kids. I believe, Henry and Marianne’s oldest daughter, Rachel Henrietta, 1854-1931 remained in Leven,
        Married James Chritchley, I do have several photos, and would she maybe , be a hostess or a guest at the Tea Party? I am making some progress, but, I am miles behind Brian Peter of Victoria. As it is late,for me, I do hope you
        All had a wonderful Canada Day, and I do have a packet of WW1 Sons to go through and I did find a newspaper
        Clipping of the Battle of the Somme. Oh yes, and a poem ‘Bob Grant’ amazingly moving, no author and I should
        mention there is a photo of Emma, Isa, and family and another passenger on the SSBolivia that the family sailed on,
        as Emma hostessed a luncheon, and penned a lovely poem, as well. I do hope this reaches everyone, Lynn

        Posted by Lynn Grimmer, Abbotsford, BC. Tel 604 556-7101 | July 2, 2016, 9:30 pm

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